Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Awesome Meetings in Frankfort, Millville, and Lawrenceburg!

It is exciting to see the citizens and public officials working together in Central Kentucky to have intense public discussions about the threats by what is, in our opinion, a poorly planned project, the Bluegrass Pipeline and what it would bring to our state. To all of our county officials who are supporting our efforts to bring transparency and accountability to this process, Kentucky thanks you!

Franklin County Fiscal Court

Monday's meeting of the Frankfort Fiscal Court was great! Here are some brief excerpts from an article in the State Journal from reporter Ryan Quinn. Of course, we cannot publish the article in its entirety here, but here are some of the best parts summarized:

A crowd packed into the first special meeting on the Bluegrass Pipeline project.  Some had to stand or sit on the floor, and several chose to wait outside.

"Through stubborn persistence — over the apparent wishes of Judge-Executive Ted Collins and magistrates Phillip Kring and Don Sturgeon to put off public comment until a later date — the crowd essentially made Fiscal Court and a Williams representative hear their concerns." 

County Attorney Rick Sparks discussed numerous safety incidents and called the company’s belief it has eminent domain rights in Kentucky "baseless in case law."

Sparks asked the Williams representative if he had a list of accidents from the last ten years, and Hunt admitted he did not. "Sparks then read his own list off his cellphone, asking Hunt about each incident, and Hunt could not confirm nor deny many of Sparks’ questions."

Chris Schimmoeller, president of Envision Franklin County, insisted that the public be allowed to speak when it appeared the judge was not going to allow them to do so. 

The judge made Hunt write down questions.  Hunt said he would get answers to the Fiscal Court. "Staff made copies of Hunt’s notes and handed them out to attendees."  The judge attempted to limit the questions to one per person, but some just told their question to another person and had he or she ask instead.

Millville Community Meeting

About 90 concerned Kentuckians from the Millville area and other counties--as far away as Larue--filled the sanctuary of the Millville Christian Church, which generously provided their church at no cost for the meeting!  Thank you Millville Christian Church!  Attorney Brad Slutskin and Dr. Loraine Garkovich presented and facilitated the discussion.  No one at the meeting spoke in favor of the pipeline, and many expressed the desire to become actively involved in stopping it. Citizens left the meeting with a firm commitment to take action.  You can too!  Learn How!

Download Meeting Handouts:
1.  The Proposed Bluegrass Pipeline

Anderson County

One of our members reported meeting with county judge executive John Wayne Conway.  The judge reported he has received calls from dozens, close to 50?! landowners in the path of the proposed pipeline that are opposed in Anderson co.  It is proposed to go 2000 feet from his own house. He has not heard from one person who is for it.  He has personally told William's representative Wendell Hunt that Anderson County does not want it - period. 
The judge invited our member to a fiscal court meeting held this evening to give a 15 minute briefing to the court.  The judge was given all the information that was gathered by everyone in the group, and he made copies to pass out to everyone.  He also wants to have a vote about the pipeline. From there, a community meeting for Anderson county will be scheduled.  The judge reported the local paper would be present at the fiscal court meeting.  

Reportedly, all went well in Anderson County last night.  Several concerned citizens came to the meeting.  They voiced their concerns.  The judge said publicly that he recognized from the start that William Hunt was a "salesman" for the Williams Company and has told him that Anderson county does not want the pipeline.  They scheduled a community meeting here Anderson County for August 6.  Details on the time and location will be posted on the Meetings Near You page as soon as they are available. It will be advertised in the county newspaper.