Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FAX the Governor Up to Five Times a Day for Free!

Send the following message using  It's easy. You can just copy and paste the text below.  You will be sent an email, and you will need to confirm your address before the fax is sent, but otherwise, it is easy.  It took us less than thirty seconds to complete the process.

Governor Beshear, you can do two things to stand up for the rights of Kentucky landowners against assault from the Bluegrass Pipeline.  Please include the following issue in the call for the Special Assembly: 
Amend KRS 278.704 through 278.712 to include "natural gas liquids pipelines" in the requirements for advance scrutiny for public safety and environmental standards for review and approval of NGL pipelines AND  Limit eminent domain powers to utility-owned pipelines.  Thank you for your consideration.

The Governor's fax number is:  (502) 564-2517