Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tell Beshear to Stop the Bluegrass Pipeline - Sign Our Petition!

Help us send a clear message to Governor Steve Beshear to stop the pipeline! Our governor can stop this, but clearly we must demand it!  Do it now, and share this link with others! We must move on this immediately!
Sign Our Easy Online Petition
Governor Beshear - Stop the Bluegrass Pipeline:

Help Us!  Print A Paper Petition and Gather Signatures to Help!
Places to Share the Petition:
Work, Church, Farming Organizations and Extension Offices
Clubs and Civic Organizations, Friends & Family
Colleges & Universities, Sports Leagues, Book Clubs, 
Even Out-of-State Signatures are Welcome
This pipeline affects states from Pennsylvania to Louisiana!

Once you've gathered signatures and are ready to share them with us, drop us a note in the comments box on the side of this web page, and we will contact you! Thank you for your help.  Together we can protect the Commonwealth.

Are you afraid to sign?  Answers to your questions:
1.  Will you bother me if I sign?

No.  Perhaps you are worried that you'll end up on a junk mail list or that we'll ask you for a contribution.  It is possible that will send you a follow up email because they are hosting our petition.  We chose them because of their visibility and the fact that they are free.  However, you can always opt out of any emails from  

2.  Will you ask me for contributions?

No one involved with this grass roots effort will ask you for a contribution.  We are not an organized non-profit, so we can't do that.  Those of us who are heavily involved do contribute to the cause by paying for printing, postage, website costs, and contributing our time.  However, we voluntarily do this.  No one asked us to do so.

3.  What will happen to my personal information?

We will deliver the information you entered on the petition to the governor and legislators.  From there, it could end up at the Whitehouse.

4.  If I sign this, will it stop me from taking action on other more important issues?

Absolutely not.   And besides, is there any more important issue than protecting our water supplies, preventing the spread of fracking, and preserving your home, land, and property rights for your children?

5.  This doesn't affect me.  I'm not in the path of the pipeline. Why should I sign?

Do you drink water?  Do you eat any foods that require water for production?  Do you own a home or land that future pipelines might threaten? (If this line goes through, there WILL be more.)  Do you want fracking in your community?  Are you concerned about U.S. natural resources being exported rather than being used for jobs here in the states?  Are you concerned that this highly toxic and flammable line will be buried just three feet under the ground and will transport up to 400,000 barrels a day, making it a tempting target for terrorism (domestic and foreign)?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this does affect you, and we ask you to seriously consider signing.